Criminal Crops

Corn, Beans (2022/2023)

Criminal Crops used the freedom of art to legalize unregistered vegetable seeds. legalized.The maize used in the project is an unregistered variety with colorful grains that is not grown in industrial agriculture not cultivated in industrial agriculture

Arial photos by Ariane Bethusy-Huc

Criminal Crops was realized in cooperation with farmers in Germany and Denmark.

In the 2022 growing season, a total of eight circular fields of corn and beans grew on the Danish and German sides of the border region.

In January/February 2023, the harvest was presented together with documentary drawings as a spatial installation in a final exhibition at the Kunstverein Haus 8, Kiel.

Visitors were able to take the the harvested seeds from the exhibition and experiment with them at home in the garden, on the balcony or terrace experiment with them themselves.

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